PostDoc Announcement

2019-01-23, 11:51 am

PostDoc Announcement

I am looking for a postdoc for imaging and stimulation system research! It will be a great opportunity to build one's 
academic profile, including publishing research and co-writing grant proposals. The following are the required qualifications:

Tasks)  your task would be one of them.

•	Embedded system for stimulation of brain or design related circuit
•	Multimodal imaging system (ultrasound & confocal)
•	Electronic circuit design for ultrasound imaging system
•	Deep learning based medical image analysis


•	PhD in electronics and computer engineering, or related discipline
•	Research experience and strong track record of publications in multimodal imaging systems, ultrasound imaging systems,
        embedded systems for brain stimulation, or bio-photonics
•	Excellent interpersonal skills, oral and written communication skills, and strong drive and motivations for research


•	₩36,000,000 ~ 40,000,000 (negotiable based on capability)

If interested, please email me with the usual documents (CV, PhD, MA/BA/Diploma certificates) in English. If you have some questions, please email me: