Mobile Health Care Systems

We are currently working on development of various mobile healthcare systems including smartphone-based mobile multispectral imaging systems and wearable fitness systems. In particular,  the smartphone-based mobile multispectral imaging systems is employed to detect various skin lesions quantitatively, thus offering better diagnostic outcomes. Also, we are collaborating with Seoul National University for development of wearable cardiopulmonary fitness systems as a participant institute in Samsung Science & Technology Foundation

Related Papers

  • Sewoong Kim, Dongrae Cho, Jihun Kim, Manjae Kim, Sangyeon Youn, Jae Eun Jang, Minkyu Je, Dong Hun Lee, Boreom Lee, Daniel L. Farkas, and Jae Youn Hwang*“Smartphone-based multispectral imaging: system development and potentials for mobile skin diagnosis”, Biomedical Optics Express, 7(12), pp 5294-5307, 2016

Related Patent

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Related Project

  • Development of a smartphone-based mobile healthcare imaging system for skin-care
  • Development of a smartphone-based portable spectral imaging system for detection of skin diseases